A big thank you from everyone at The Junction...

Everyone at The Junction is delighted by the opportunity to be one of the beneficiaries of the Team Atlantic Body and Soul Team. We are inspired and in awe of the team taking on such a formidable task to not only challenge themselves but to support the health of wellbeing of young people in Leith and North East Edinburgh through supporting The Junction and across the UK with Body and Soul.


.. and from Emma Colyer, Body & Soul


Thanks so much to Cal, Alec and the whole AB&S team!!  Such a thrilling endeavour and so inspiring for all our young people.  It feels like a real celebration of life itself and power of making dreams into reality.  We are hugely grateful for all their support with our suicide-prevention services and look forward to cheering them across the Atlantic later this year – marlin strikes and all!’


We are grateful to have so much support from so many people, including friends and family. 

We have also had amazing support from local businesses. 

A BIG thank you to:

SODAK – https://sodak.co.uk/

INCHCAPE WIND – https://www.inchcapewind.com/

THE BOATHOUSE – https://www.boathouseedinburgh.com/

OSCARS –  https://www.oscars.group/

BELLFIELD Brewery – https://www.bellfieldbrewery.com/

AERIAL IMAGERY – https://dronesaferegister.org.uk/company/aerial-imagery

CIVERINOS – http://www.civerinos.com/

DAVID LINFORD-SMITH – https://www.davidlinfordsmith.com/

NAIRNS – https://nairns.com/

SHIMMER – https://www.treatwell.co.uk/place/shimmer-health-beauty/

PASSEY’S – https://passeyscoffeecompany.co.uk/

TOM KELMAN (OSTEOPATHY) – http://osteopathedinburgh.co.uk/

TWO SISTERS – https://www.facebook.com/twosistersportobello/

SHOOGLENIFTY – https://www.shooglenifty.com/

MAIRI CAMPBELL – https://mairicampbell.scot/

THE JACOBITES – https://thejacobites.com/

GREAT GROG – https://www.greatgrog.co.uk/

ESTHER CLAYTON (VIPOND PHILIP) – http://www.ec-designstudio.co.uk/

CAHOOTS – https://www.cahootscollective.com/


ST CLAIR’S TATTOOShttps://www.stclairstattoo.co.uk/

RAW – H O M E | R A W (rawhairstudioedinburgh.co.uk)

HARRY’S TREATS – https://harrystreats.co.uk/ 

12 VOLT PLANET – https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/